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    I think the big deal in Google Base is that they are creating a distributed database that is completely scalable.  They can/will be able to handle millions (eventually billions) of transactions/second, unlike any other database, because so much is cached all over the web.  The things that this can do for RSS feeds is mind boggling, if they expose the data that way.  Searching and subscribing to basically any kind of data and presenting that in Avalon/WPF gets my mind racing.

    I'm thinking more about the "database of protein structures" kind of application than just shopping for stuff.  For instance imagine subscribing to data from Google on cancer research so you're always up-to-date on researchers around the world who publish their data on Google.  Applications could then take your data, cross-reference it, analyze it and get back results that are meaningful where correlations occur. 

    Doing that now would require very expensive databases that everyone agrees to share.  Also they must transform their data to fit the schema that is not yet agreed upon - and it's not scalable. 

    The democratic nature of submitting your data means that others can/will use your schemas (because they are there, and it's easier than making up your own).  Sure, there will be a variety of competing metadata schemas for basically every data type, but eventually things will start to converge on the schemas that work the best, as users/applications search for information and either find/don't find what they are looking.  Similar to the "did you mean" functionality Google provides now, it will result in the best solution finding it's way to the top (in theory).

    In a way, it seems a lot like WinFS for the web, and I'm sure everyone here is full of ideas on what WinFS could do for them when dreaming up new applications.

    I hope Google really partners with EBay, MS, etc... to incorporate their information and services, so that we don't have a long drawn out battle - I think the technology would be fantastic resource to develop amazing applications with.

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