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IT Admins Find Breaking Up with IE Hard to Do

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    From eWeek this morning (I apologize for not using the URL tool available in the post editor but it does not work properly in Firefox).,1759,1622486,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594

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    Sounds to me like MS needs to hurry up and get XP SP 2 out there....

    I know, I know it's coming, but it's really bad to say "yeah, yeah, we have this fixed (or patched), but we aren't releasing the final version yet.. "

    I, for one, am waiting for the release version, not a beta..

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    Jeremy W

    Actually getting IE "locked down" and "tucked away" so it can't be used is extremely easy, just requires some creative thinking. Assuming these mysterious "IT Managers" have proper managed assets in place, they simply need to:

    1. Lock IE down so users can't access any of the tabs inside "Internet Options"
    2. Set the homepage to some internal "this browser is not supported, blah blah blah"
    3. Set the proxy to some non-existant thing, and bypass for local addresses

    And blamo, the only thing they can use it for is internal sites, but in doing so they are aware that they shouldn't be using it.

    We don't do this here as we've locked IE down and the issues that have arisen by and large don't affect us (and rolling out the registry fixes for ADODB.STREAM to our 5000 workstations took just minutes anyways). But, if I had to lock IE out, that's the type of thing I'd be looking at doing.

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    IE isn't very secure if you leave everything open but, as Jeremy says, its very easy to lock down.

    And that German bloke's lockdown is totally clueless - if someone goes to My Computer and then types in a URL, it will happily bring it back without ever requiring to open iexplore.exe!  If he knew how to use group policies he should have just locked it down.  Sheesh!

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    Eweek makes such controversial news all the time. I wouldn't take it seriously. They tell you whatever they want, not the news news.

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    Jeremy W

    Definitely. Over the last year I've been very disappointed in eWeek's descent from something serious to "damn near op-ed pieces every time". The bias drives me crazy as it no longer serves me as an IT professional. I cancelled my subscription long ago.

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    Jeremy W

    I'm not surprised. I wasn't counting on an end-of-July release, as it would have pre-RTM'd by now. August is fine, we don't have any spare cycles here until October anyways.

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