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Folder Organization or lack thereof

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    If anyone is like me, organizing folders within a computer is the most tedious task of all. I find I have zip files all over the place, "test" "Temp", Temp1", etc... are common names of development files so that I don't even understand what I was doing in the first place....

    That being said, and me being the unorganized person that I am, does anyone have a "method" which works for them to keep organized? I know longhorn will help with that, but Longhorn is a ways away for me.. Smiley

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    Well...I recently started using 3 hard drives.

    1) 40gb - Windows and all my programs

    2) 60gb -

       (ex d:\CodeSamples\dotNET - Nuke,
           d:\CodeSamples\php - Typo3, etc)

       (ex d:\Docs\Invoices,
           etc. )

       (ex d:\Downloads\Opera,


       (ex d:\Projects\[ClientName]\[ProjectName]\Web,

    3) 160gb - scratch disk for Premiere and Photoshop

    So that's my snobby little way.

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    My Documents isa little messy as are applications like irc when dcc around.

    however i'm keeping my D: Drive rather clean witha  beautiful structure to my err ripped albums, and any downloads i rename to like "C# Express Beta 1 Setup.exe" rather than random names or setup.exe.

    My mum was telling me, at work theres a woman whos rather technophobic, uses a PC to write letters, and she gets her secretary to file on the computer system at the end of the day like the secretary would use a filing cabinet, well made me laugh.

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    I try and use descriptive names whenever possible and label my code at the top (so you can search for it). I also have a 'play-pen' folder on my desktop, which is non-serious stuff I've downloaded off the net just to look at and have no intention of keeping. The beauty of the 'play-pen' is I can delete it and that is that, all gone.

    The root folders on my drives are there to hold different types of material. For instance at the moment on my E partition I have Media, Documents, Dev and Games which of course doesn't mean these folders are greatly organized within the structure but at least I am looking for a needle in a haystack as opposed to a needle in multiple haystacks. Smiley

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    Windows need this ability,  right i have a folder, with 4 other folders in, i want to see the files without having to go in each folder, so i'd right click and select "show all files", and the folders would dissapere and just show you all the files in each folder, allowing for edits, deletion and the usal stuff.

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    I usually put everything on the desktop and then when it is full I am all like damnt should I delete this or not? or wtf was I saving this for? Then after I organize everything I say never again. Then at the end of the month I am doing the same thing over again.

    I hate digging through folders and while a full desktop may look chaotic (I prefer organized chaos) it is nice to have things right in front of you.

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    I have 2 hard drives with  8 partitions between them. A 40gb with 6 partitions and a 120Gb with 2.
      C:\  8 Gb
            My current windows xp install, a slipstreamed SP2 RC2
      D:\ (Media) 10Gb
            It used to be home to audio video and pictures but my audio folder has
            grown a lot recently so now it just my ripped CDs and a folder of
            "drmed napster stuff" which I have downloaded but not paid for. I keep
            it seperate becuase I can't listen to it on other machines or synchronise
            it with my mp3 player. It also has midi files and soundfonts.
      E:\ (Games) 10Gb
            Games are getting so big now that I only have room for a few at a time.
            It contains Jedi Knight 2, Tron 2.0, The Singles, Half Life, Elite Force
            2, and various other demos.
     F:\  5Gb
          A previous windows install. SP2 RC1 I think. Got kinda crowded in
          there so I decided to go back to using C:
    G:\  (Programming)  1Gb
            Where I keep all my source code and some SDKs. Oh and a game
            crept in there somehow, Elite Force 1.
    H:\ (Longhorn)  5Gb
           Just an install of build 4074
    K:\ (Huge) 80Gb
            Mostly a scratch drive for stuff I record off the TV with my digital TV  
            card. It comes in at about 1Gb an hour so I can use it up pretty fast
            especially since I havn't got around to putting the stuff onto DVDR yet.
    L:\ (Backup) 35Gb
           General mishmash of stuff I want to keep. Downloaded programs, iso
            images, virtual pc images, ebooks, videos, etc.

    It's not as organised as I would like, but it helps me start looking in the right general direction. I recently installed Picassa and let it do a search across all the partitions and was very surprised how many pictures it found that I had completely forgotten I had.

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