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VS 2005 beside 2003

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    I was able to get RC1 installed beside 2003 ok.  The only problem I can remember was VSS.  My 2003 install seemed to break, with regards to VSS 6.0.  There was another case where installing 2005 beside 2003 broke everything in 2003 (wouldn't create web apps, couldn't debug existing ASP.NET projects, etc).

    I'm wondering if anyone is far enough that they've downloaded and installed RTM 2005 beside 2003.

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    I can only download Pro off my MSDN subscription, how does this work with VSS (whcih I believe isn't included)

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    Visual Source Safe 2005 is inside Developer Tools->Visual Source Safe.

    Downloaded the 2 cd version and the 3 cd MSDN library, only to find out they pulled it from the downloads. Now downloading the DVD versions.

    Good luck and keep us updated about the side by side installation problem.


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    I've been running VS2003 along side of VS2005 Beta 1, Beta 2 and now RTM without any issues, but I haven't been running with VSS, so I can't speak to that.

    The IDE's are fine along side each other, however.

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