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    Why are we still stuck with using plain vanilla (albeit Unicode) text as source files?
    What if I want to include tables in my comments, underline something, put something else in bold or even highlight a paragraph and change the color? Or maybe put an expainatory picture in there? Or a hyperlink? And while I'm at it - save the whole thing as XML instead of a text file?

    Or maybe I can, I just don't know about it?

    There has been much discussion over the years
    about how to document code. And how to keep code
    and documentation in sync. Javadoc and XML comments
    are a step in the right direction. And nowadays
    we've got syntax color coding to help us in our
    daily work. I think it would rock if I didn't have to have one set of source files, and one set of Word-files for documenation.

    Ofcourse there is a very real risk of vendor or format lock-in. But let's assume for a second that everyone gets along and uses XML, RTF or something when saving the files. Couldn't this be both convenient and increase productivity?