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    What is the draw to Linux?

    I have tried the newest version of Ubuntu and I guess I just don't get it.  I am by no means someone who is new to computers but I do not understand. 

    Some of have suggested that some flavors of Linux are better than Windows or Mac because it is free and easier to use and the user is given a choice in a variety of ways (source code, customization, etc).  If my parent's can not figure out something as simple as Mac OS X how can I expect them to understand Linux?

    Many sites have promoted the use of Linux to compete with Windows in the desktop area once Vista arrives, but after reading through the Ubuntuguide and trying to get stuff working, personally, I am tired of having to access the terminal to get anything working and installed.  Yes, they have an "Add application" program, which has simplified installations, but there are dependence errors, some of which I can not decipher.

    I guess I just want my computer to work for me, not the opposite.  I am not promoting Windows, Mac, anything, but I believe they have to be a lot easier to use than any current Linux offering.  As a student and someone who does not devote his life to computers, sometimes I just want the easiest and quickest way to accomplish a task.

    I am just curious to see the reply with this group.  I know many of you are Windows users, but I also have read many of you have tried some flavor of Linux.