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Wifi - in remote areas

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    ok I'm a n00b -

    Lets just say I were fly fishing in Saskatchewan  - how would I be able to hook up to my server?  i.e. hit the internet?  Would I need some sore of satelite equipment? Tongue Out

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    I would say your best chances are...

    Mobile Satellite
    GPRS via a cell network
    Wait a few years an hope someone installs a WiMax node.


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    I was at SatCon this past week and Hughes Network has a $35,000 solution to your problem...

    You can always find a phone-line and use dial-up. If you  had two computers you could have one sitting on the dock, connected to a phone-line and a Wi-Fi router so you could be out on the lake fishing and surfing.

    Though you cannot get EVDO connectivity out in the wilds, your Mobile carrier should offer some sort of access depending on the phone you have.

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    I assume that the computer you wish to access the internet on is a laptop. If it is InfraRed enabled, and you have an InfraRed phone, and you can get a signal, you could just use the phone as a modem, it would be dial-up I think, but nevertherless, a connection. If it is not a laptop, most smartphones and other devices can do this.

    Angus Higgins

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    I would say you're not fly fishing enough.  Expressionless

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