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Blogging Private Information

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    I was reading this article this morning about a techie who proves how easy it is to "war-drive" for video and how much private "video" information is being leaked out of people's houses (from improperly set up wireless devices at 2.4 Ghz), and I got to thinking about what I encountered last night.

    Last night, out of boredom (once again) I "bloghopped" through Blogger by clicking on the "Next Blog" button in the upper right hand corner of each blog.  I've done this before, but last night was quite weird.  I hit about forty blogs in all, which covered everything several languages, several styles, politics, p0rn, religion, and some family blogs.  A couple of them almost locked up my browser (one site used the marquee tag a little too much and another tried to create a dead end for me).  What was disturbing, though, was several of them were sort of "family" type blogs with lots of pictures of their kids on them. And lots of private information (er, what most people would think to be private information).  I kept thinking, "Why on Earth would you put all that private information out there? To what end?" I seriously think that people really don't get technology sometimes.

    So, for all you people hyping up the power of blogs, how about a little education to go with it?  How about telling people NOT to spill all their private information all over the web? It's already bad enough as it is for some people with Google.   Mad

    ::: climbs down off of soapbox :::

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    The same issues occurs w/ or whatever Beer's site is.  I don't know if it was discussed here, but a private catholic school has banned the site from its school and will suspend people who use the site.  Why?  Because too much personal information is found on these sites.
    A student at IU was kidnapped and killed.  She discribed her job, the hours she worked and everything on her myspaces site.  So the person knew exactly who she was, where she worked and when she worked.

    Pretty scary out there

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    Especially if you have kids. If I do one of those telephone surveys and they get to "If I have kids" or "What are their ages".....nope, ain't gonna happen.

    Even asking household bloody way. Mad

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    Remember that "Baby Blogger" thread-turned-flamewar we had?

    Same reason.

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    W3bbo wrote:
    Remember that "Baby Blogger" thread-turned-flamewar we had?

    Same reason.

    I missed that one...but now that you pointed it out...

    TheWookie wrote:
    Thanks for insulting my son - what the f**k has he done to you? It's a personal blog for family and friends to view - with many of them living in other countries the net is the easiest way for them to keep up to date and it's their choice whether or how often they want to look in on us. We didn't ask for you to view it nor want your opinion. Thanks for reducing my wife to tears with your comments - it's all I could do to stop her removing the site thanks to your conceited remarks.

    As for morons and filling the net up with crap. I've been making websites since before most of you knew what a computer did never mind that the internet existed... and it's small minded "morons" like you not me that make me want to leave it due to it being full of know nothing t**ts that engage mouth without brain regardless of the hurt caused.

    I have a lot of arguments with the second paragraph.  How can you make a website before the internet existed? What would be the point? If you made a page of HTML and just stared at it by yourself with a browser it would sort of be like a Word processor document.

    I can understand the guy being upset...but geez, you don't need to put your info out there for the whole world to view.  There are enough stalkers, thieves, and everything else running around and people with axes to why give them more info? And why couldn't he e-mail those pictures anyway? So it is not an issue of being "small minded", it's just common sense.  Would you put your bank information up on a webpage just because you've been making webpages longer than everyone else?  It's why people buy shredders for paper information.

    And unless you offer some type of encrypted access (or even a primitive password access)...there is no such thing as a "personal blog". 

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