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Bugs in Visual Studio 2005 RTM

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    People are already finding bugs in VS 2005. Check out their comments too.

    .NET Undocumented, Frans Brouma and Roy Oosherove

    I hope MS puts out a SP1 or at least a hot fix soon. I don't want to have to wait until Orca Orcas is released.

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    I've seen a few quirks, predominately it deciding all of a sudden that it "can't navigate to" something or other. I think that machine had a beta on it at one point though and hasn't been reformatted, so I'll have to do a clean install when I get chance - I'm reluctant at the moment as my Tablet has had to go off for repair and I'm not keen to mess with the desktop while it's acting as my main machine.

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    Doesn't work on beta 2.

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    Mike Dimmick

    As always, if you're having a problem with a released product, call support. The bug won't be fixed unless Microsoft know about it. The bugs reported in these blog posts might be fixed the Orcas (not Orca) release, but hotfixes will only be made available if the servicing team handles them, and that will only happen through the proper support channels. The regular development team will presumably now be moving onto 'Orcas'.

    I've no idea whether Product Feedback Center will remain open for VS2005 issues. Maybe someone from DDCPX can answer this?

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    Their October 24th blog entry

    has some information on what their plans are:

    1. "One of the first signs of activity some of you are likely to see is that the customer bugs that were postponed as we drove through the end game of Whidbey will be re-activated for consideration."
    2. "In all cases you can expect to see the status changes and the reasoning behind those changes. You will also be given opportunity to comment on resolutions you might not agree with."
    3. "You should expect that the majority of these fixes will be available first in the next major product version.  We do intend, however, to work with you to identify the customer reported issues with broad impact and/or appeal and to include those fixes first in the major Whidbey servicing releases along the way."
    That last item really ticks me off.  Paying for "the majority of" bugfixes, no matter how minor, is the suck.
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    You should not have to pay for bug fixes in a product. If something has shipped that contains bugs, waiting for the next release then paying for it.

    When you buy something you expect it to be as bug-free as possible. Any bugs should be fixed and offered as a free update.

    That is one problem with some software - profit seems a bigger motivator than a quality product.

    The advantage I see with open source is that it is released early and released often. Also other developers and users can influence the feature set. Generally if it is v1.0 it is stable.

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    I don't know if its a bug but searching the MSDN Library for anything useful is just as painful as it was prior to the release of VS 2005.  I tried to search for how to turn on the grid in the WinForms designer using multiple queries and none of them returned a result that indicated how to do this.  If this is how Microsoft intends to improve search in other products, they have a long way to go.

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