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Scoble: re- Influentials... Question:

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    Apart from all the *Disruptive* musings going on at scobles blog - another new buzz word in play is Influentials.. as in - if cool people are using it - we should also support them ( and not be a walled garden - cool but...

    (i will post about the "disruptive" stuff later this weekend - *it will be a long one Wink)

    but as for the "Influentials" - i just wanted to remind robert to perhaps mention the Family tech dude - along side his more "famous" interpretation of the word

    To me - every person that is the family pc tech "my computers got spywares!"  "can you reload this again?"  should be considered an influential

    Sure - its not as glamorous as mac reporters at trade conferences - but we are already MS hubs of influence -( x millions)  one that MS seems to have ignored

    How about the multiple home licences (like apple) for the dude stuck doing this dirty work for free - for family - keeping them all a part of the win universe
    ( im going to load linux for them "wheres msn messenger?"

    How about a system to track how many machines you are fixing each time you activate ( for free rewards or something)

    anyway - would be nice to be included in all that new BUZZ

    Dont we count?


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    That's exactly who he thought about Jamie.

    No one cares that Dave Weiner uses a Mac, now the kid with a 12 inch powerbook in my university showing it off to everyone and Mac OSX... he is an influential.

    Same as the person who repairs PC's, he tells his family what to use, which inturn they tell their friends.

    There are two types of users out there. Those who accept the software, it does what it has to do, and they are content with it.

    Then they're people like us who click and unclick every single check box option just to go "hehe what does this do" These people are the influentials.

    Everyone at my university knows me as the Thinkpad zealot. I personally got 2 kids to buy a T43 and 1 to buy an X41. Influentials are people who bring about change.

    EDIT: I love watching how people use their computers just so I can show them a faster, better method of doing what they have to do. What I've noticed is that the older crowd uses yahoo, the younger uses google. think about that for a second... what does it mean in the future when the 18-24 year olds will be the 10-14 year olds now who do nothing but talk on AIM all day and use myspace?!

    Each generation is becoming more and more savy.

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