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I offer you a challenge Mister Robert Scoble!

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    Here is an old article that tickles my mind a little bit:

    You always talk about the competitors, Yahoo, Google, these are your competitors on the web front, but what about the desktop?!

    Personally, I would love to try this out but I am a broke college student. Now knowing how many hours a day you spend in front of a machine, why don’t you use Mac OSX for an entire month then post it back on your blog.

    So far, you have had some very insightful ideas about the Google api, and other competitors technology. I am curious as hell to see what you would say about Apple's operating system.

    Now before this thread get's messy, please DO NOT start with stating which one is better, Beer28 please attempt to refrain yourself, merely state your opinion of weather you would like to see this challenge occur or not.

    I love Flickr with a passion. If I am missing a press conference (Microsoft Live! Launch) or some type of group gathering (Tag Camp) then I can always see the amateur, sometimes professional, pictures people take. A trend I have been noticing is an ever-increasing number of Mac users in these pictures. Why are they switching? Why is Dave Winer switching? Why are more people at my University using iBooks then regular Windows boxes? 50% of all notebooks in my classes are either iBooks or Powerbooks. What is so good about it that I as a long time Windows user do not know about it?

    Your critical opinions, detailed lengthy rants, and insight into the industry would prove for a very nice read indeed!

    Now I am not telling you to just go quit windows cold turkey. I know you have a job at Microsoft that requires you to use a Windows box, but try to use a Mac at home, around the house, when you go out on the weekends and bring your laptop. Use one for a while as your *almost* exclusive machine.

    What do you niners think? Am I wasting my time, or are you curious to see what the Scobelizer has to say about the other operating system that is becoming more and more popular?

    EDIT: Shameless plug for my blog post version of this

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    I think Scoble is a Mac user from way back, has respect for Apple?

    So maybe not the best gauntlet to throw down for your "shameless plug."

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    Working for Microsoft is like having your own private franchising firm...You support the product you help develop.

    What sense would it make to buy a Mac box? Money down the drain.
    - Steve

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    Hey if he uses Mac OSX then I feel like a tard, will delete this thread myself or bug Charles to do it.

    He does have respect for Apple, but so do I, and so do many Windows users. What I'm trying to get him to do is just simply not use Windows, or very little of it, to see the competition.

    If he already does this, then I am retract my challenge and apologize, I was just merely uninformed.

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    Trying out something, and using it exclusivly are two totally different things. I'm telling him to try and ditch Windows for Mac for a month just so he can see what really shines about it, and what Microsoft can do to Vista to improve it even more.

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    Beer, you are missing the point of this thread. How many people on my camous run linux, none.

    How many on my old campus... one kid.

    The point of this thread is to see what the competition, that is actually growing thanks to brand recognition a la iPod, has to offer against Windows users, and the operating system itself.

    Yes yes, OSX is built on UNIX, or Linux, or whatever I don't really care right now, you know what's so nice about it? The presentation layer that makes it amazing, a long with a few other features that I... as a windows user, probably don't know about.

    So please, quit pushing linux, this isn't the intention of this thread.

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    "A trend I have been noticing is an ever-increasing number of Mac users in these pictures. Why are they switching?"

    Good, long-lasting, reliable hardware. A great user experience. Free, included developer tools. Unix command line right beneath the surface.

    In short: power, beauty and reliability.

    That's my personal story, anyway. I bought a Powerbook in 2003 to try this Mac OS X thing, remembering how much I wanted a Next cube back in the day. I love it. It's the best computer I've ever owned.

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    Thank you for the review, it's one I've heard many a time before. Now I just want to hear what Scoble has to say.

    The ONLY reason I haven't switched yet is the processor. Something about buying a computer and not being able to put windows on it, just... didn't feel right to me as a user who loves choice.

    Now with the Intel switch happening a whole new interest has sparked in me. Back in my old school. State University Of New York at Stony Brook, we have a huge, huge computer lab, and a small room with about 15 iMacs. That entire semster I used Mac machines, and while I wanted to explore... I couldn't since the machine was locked down tighter than anything I've seen before (public terminal what do you expect). Anyway, now that I can have a choice or what OS I want to run, then I am golden!

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    One doesn't know honestly. Apple is known to rape users in the butt when it comes to price, but I do agree, these new Mactels could come in at a price point that will make them much more attractive to the consumer market. I can only imagine what a tablet would look like made by them. Industry wide known,  Apple has wicked designs.

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    Cairo wrote:

    Good, long-lasting, reliable hardware.

    I have heard quite the opposite, actually.  Powerbooks failing as soon as warranty running out, G4s that melt some plastic, etc, etc.

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    Not only does Scoble know Steve Wozniak personally, but he got Scoble started in the industry.  Isn't it a small world...

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    That's the incident I was referring to:  he wrote about it in more detail on his blog.

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    Well I know about that post as well, I just want to know if Scoble himself uses a mac, and what he likes about it in comparison to Windows.

    More importantly, can it actually replace his Windows box. All I want really.

    For himself to not use Windows for a whole month, maintain a blog about what he misses, what he loves, what he hates. It would be a nice wakeup to the industry, as well as those mac-curious out there.

    EDIT: His recent blog post says it perfectly:

    "Om Malik wonders if Microsoft will kill the Mac client of FolderShare. Hey, Om, if we do something stupid like that I’m gonna throw a chair.

    I actually want to see MORE investment in the Mac space, not less. Why? Cause many of the influentials are using Macs (you only need to look around at a blog conference or an O’Reilly conference to see that’s true). Also, Apple’s market share is on the rise. Add those two together and we should be paying more attention, not less, to Mac users."

    I mean it is great that Microsoft is supporting the Mac platform, I just want to see an honest review of the OS. Not from a Mac Zealot, not from a Windows Zealot, but from the man himself, Scoble lol.

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    So i guess this thread was useless then Sad

    Eh, oh well, I am excited for the Vista launch, and the OSX X86 launch, because we all know the TPM will be cracked.

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    Beer28 wrote:

    Imagine no more, the future is now! 


    Don't diss the Newton - it was actually quite a fine PDA for its time, especially the second and third generation models.

    More to the point, Scoble (like me) appreciates and uses the mobility potential of the Tablet PC all the time. When and if Apple decides to get into the Tablet PC game, it will be interesting to see how they approach the design vector. I'm guessing it could happen after the Intel switch takes place and would love to have a dual-boot TPC with both Windows and Mac OS available.

    Also interesting is that there have been a small number of bloggers who have switched from the Mac to the Tablet PC and written extensively n their experiences and reasons for making the change recently. At my company, there are a couple of us who have both a Tablet and a desktop Mac and appreciate the benefits each offers.

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    Could you link me to a few of those blogs mochant?

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    I was a Macintosh evangelist from 1988 to 1993 (was even quoted in MacWorld magazine). Steve Wozniak got me my start in this crazy business by donating $40,000 worth of Macintoshes for the journalism department at the school I was attending.

    When I got to San Jose State University I was responsible for setting up dozens of Macs.

    My brother-in-law works on the Mac team at Apple.

    I hang out in Apple stores nearly every other weekend.

    We own a Mac or two here on the Channel 9 team for testing.

    I'm very familiar with what Apple is doing right.

    I'm not sure what would be gained by spending $2k of my own money on one, though.

    I'd rather have an HDTV.


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    Oh, and I was even in an Apple advertisement when I was in college. Got paid $100 for that.

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