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AJAX or Annoying DHTML?

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    While I was working a little on my site

    I wanted some nice help for people that might not know about a certain thing (Like Skype) or want some clarification entering certain information (Like Reason for Asking Price) and thought it would be nice to use some Tooltips.

    So I used some generic DHTML Tooltips and thought it was pretty snazzy and started wondering "What is the difference between using DHTML and AJAX?" I realize that AJAX is part using DHTML and other things however at what point is it a new use of the technologies that we have, and just using an over abundance of DHTML.

    I'm looking for a "definative" explanation of using AJAX or what it is composed of but being it's a hodgepodge of technologies I'm a little confused as to what really to consider as a valid explanation. Anyone want to take a crack at it?

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    Try using the HTML "title" attribute, like this (hover over the next line:)


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    Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, or Ajax, is a web development technique for creating interactive web applications using a combination of:

    • XHTML (or HTML) and CSS for presenting information
    • The Document Object Model manipulated through JavaScript to dynamically display and interact with the information presented
    • The XMLHttpRequest object to exchange data asynchronously with the web server. (XML is commonly used, although any format will work, including preformatted HTML, plain text, JSON and even EBML)

    Like DHTML, LAMP, or SPA, Ajax is not a technology in itself, but a term that refers to the use of a group of technologies together. In fact, derivative/composite technologies based substantially upon Ajax, such as AFLAX, are already appearing.

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    From Wikipedia, of course.

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