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View Thread: Did VS2005 Ship Too Early?
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    Tommy Lee

    Born2Run wrote:
    I find it very, very strange that big companies start developing business important applications using a beta product from Microsoft. You would think they would learn from the VS 2002 / VS 2003 fiasko

    As an evangelist who works with early adopters, I can give some insight.  One of the reasons is that they want an IDE for the newer .NET Framework.  Typically this is the case for ASP.NET.  They find the features compelling or makes their team more productive and VS2005 is the best tool to take advantage of developing for it. The second reason is "the technology aggressor". Who are these folks?  These are the folks that during our recent tech downturn, instead of hibernating and laying off IT staff, they were using IT and Dev as an asset and taking advantage of new technology to help them build applications much faster.  Then of course you have folks who love new technology and are always on the early adopter track.

    Tomorrow at the launch, you will hear about the customers who are early adopters (they are a fraction of the adopters) of the .NET Framework 2.0 and VS2005.  You will also be able to check out the apps they built at

    Hope this gives some insight.