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Saturday afternoon joke

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    I just read this joke, and I thought it was funny enough to post it here.

    Doctor: I have some bad news.
    Patient: What is it?
    Doctor: The results from your blood test came in. You only have 24 hours to live.
    Patient: That's terrible news! I can't think of anything that could be worse.
    Doctor: I can: I've been trying to reach you since yesterday.

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    Another two (Dutch jokes about belgians Smiley)
    A Dutch blonde drives through Belgium and is stopped by a Belgian police officer: "Your drivers licence please". The blonde asks: "What's a drivers licence?". The Belgian police officer: "That's the thing with your image on it".
    The blonde looks through her purse, finds her little mirror and gives it to the officer. The officer: "Why didn't you say that you work for the police???"

    Two belgians are walking on the road, when one picks up a mirror. He asks: "Who is this", the other takes the mirror and says: "Don't you recognize me?" 

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    TommyCarlier wrote:
    I just read this joke, and I thought it was funny enough to post it here.

    Reminds me of this one....

    Doctor: Your results are back and I'm afraid that there's good news and bad news.
    Patient: Oh Lord! What's the bad news?
    Doctor: You have AIDS and probably have less than a year to live.
    Patient: Good God Almighty! What's the good news?
    Doctor: You also have Alzheimer's.
    Patient: How is that good news? 
    Doctor: You'll have forgotten you have AIDS with just a year to live by tomorrow.

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