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Does Anyone Have A Cluster?

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    Out of interest, how many people on Channel 9 have a cluster?

    If you do, how many nodes does it have, what do you use it for...


    Angus Higgins

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    A few years ago (back when I was into digital art) I was thinking of putting together a Beowulf cluster as a render farm, of course, I was a bit over optimistic of my skills, back then all I know was how to produce those "trendwhóre" effects you see on warez and script-kiddie sites, certainly nothing that really required the use of a render-farm.

    If I'm ever going to get a cluster, it's going to be for a web-farm.

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    Production, or not, or doesn't matter?

    I manage several clusters in our development lab.

    1 6-node Exchange 2003 cluster
    1 2-node SQL 2000 cluster
    1 2-node Exchange 2003 cluster.


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