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Steve Ballmer on stage now...

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    To ship software faster is a right direction when you got a strongly competitor, but look back, VS2003 already is the best of best development tools in the Win32 before VS2005 shiped, and there no such a compeitor is exists.
    If MS wants fast money, they should to earn the money from others(e.g. Office users)who don't or less know about our software industry.
    MS and their developers are supplement each other, MS gains from provide a platform for developers, and our developers gains from support the platform for MS, in a nutshell, VS as a bridge should be a FREE software.

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    Who is surprised this launch sucked?

    Launches; they aren't exactly Microsoft's strongpoint

    Ballmer makes me laugh though. Smiley

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    I'd imagine the Express Products probably function like standard trial software, downloading now... will find out soon. I myself am definitely glad that they will be free for the first year. It's just helpful (plus, I might have permanently upgraded to C# from Visual Basic in a year, therefore elliminating my need to purchase both).

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    Manip wrote:

    Worst launch ever, I mean is this a rock show or a technology product launch? Go watch an Apple launch and learn a thing or two.

    Yes because we all want to see Steve Ballmer come out in a black turtleneck...and talk about how they are innovating because they released the same product for the third time...but it has a REMOTE! MUAHAHAH...

    I'd rather see Ballmer get fired up and push the product then him not make an appearance and it just slowly downloaded. Some times that crazy "YAHOOOOO!" style is what does get people pumped up.

    BTW: Don Box is who they shoulda had to the release...the man is an inspirational god

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    TomasDeml wrote:
    Quite good launch...I especially enjoyed the girl/woman presenting the club starter kit...

    I can write that RSS Reader control in 6 minutes. Shoot, I can write a custom RSS Parser for your own data as well.

    - Steve

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    W3bbo wrote:
    TommyCarlier wrote: You get the Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition, and the SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition.

    To great disappointment, originally it was said we get Professional.

    Um, I got Visual Studio 2005 Professional.

    I know, the license sticker says "Standard" but it installed Professional.

    At least it *says* it's professional.  Can anyone clarify this?


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