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What the heck gives with the new MSDN home page?

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    Whose idea was this?  And why?

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    What's wrong with it?

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    Looks exactly the same to me, spare the inclusion of some new graphics.

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    What is the problem?

    When, by the way, is MSDN going to add *REAL* search to their site?

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    Michael Griffiths

    Apart from the fact that is breaks in Firefox, what's the problem?

    Still usable, even if it looks a tad ridiculous.

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    Wil wrote:
    Whose idea was this?  And why?

    I'll confess, it was my idea... Why? Because I'm mad!!! Perplexed

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    I'm a bit disappointed with the page having read a blog entry about the "relaunch" of various MSDN sites with the new "hero" graphics. I wondered what they meant by "hero" and now I know - ridiculously large!

    On the other hand you can't blame them for wanting to make a song and dance about these new releases - they've been a long time coming. At least nobody who's a regular MSDN surfer can complain that they "didn't know" the new releases were out now.

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    All of Microsoft's sites have been going over to their new .NET template over the past few years. Which is why you see consistency now. Not sure if you've even been to Microsoft Germany or Microsoft Chinas sites a shile back, but they were WAAAY off branding Smiley

    Just consistency you'll see going on...

    Here's an example of a sitelet still on the old Microsoft template:

    I'm sure it will take a while to get a few hundred thousand pages up to snuff Smiley

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    Large round of applause for the first person that manages to put a 'Not' in front of the Ready to GO graphic.

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    Michael Griffiths wrote:
    Apart from the fact that is breaks in Firefox, what's the problem?

    Face it. Half of "breaks" in Firefox, at some points actually restricting the download of content. IETabs (recommended, by the way) is only a work around for the many websites that just haven't caught onto the fact that Internet Explorer just isn't the only* browser anymore.

    * Don't even think about taking this literally! I get taken literally too much on the internet.

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