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SQL Server 2005 - PDC

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    Am I recalling correctly in that those of us who attended PDC will get complementary copies of SQL Server 2005 Standard edition?

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    Yes. However I suspect this will be some time coming as the stores will have the priority on the first batch of CDs/DVDs. From memory didn't you have to register for this on a web site?

    I seem to remember they gave us a voucher/slip of paper that we had to use to go to a web site and register for it - the web site originally stated in the small print that you signed up to that the offer was only applicable to the USA and Canada which caused a bit of an outcry from those of us who'd been told it was for everyone, resulting in them announcing before the end of PDC that the offer would be extended to everyone and the legal wording on that particular subject could be ignored.

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    Just so I wasn't going crazy.. I did a lot of registration on the hand-outs from Microsoft at PDC. Office 12 Beta, and I think the SQL Server 2005 as welll. Sure hope I did..

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