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codec for ppc

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    ive tried to see the videos in my pocket pc but only hear the sound, cant view them. i need a codec?

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    PPC: PocketPC or PowerPC? Big Smile

    If you're talking about C9's WMVs on PocketPC, I kinda know what you are talking about. This happens to me once in a while, where the video is just too big for my 312MHz processor to play smoothly, so my screen just shows black. Try plugging your PPC into the wall and turning the processor speed off of power-save. Other than that, I can only suggest getting a vid that uses a smaller resolution.

    ...In other words, you do not need a codec.

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    You can always take the original video and transform into your own that works on the PPC platform.

    Microsoft has the tools
    I use Media Encoder myself for some tasks like this.  It's pretty simple to use.

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    I use FeederReader to download channel 9 videos direct to my Pocket PC (no desktop required!). Most videos play on my WM2003SE device (520MHz Fujitsu Loox 720) using Windows Media Player 9.

    Like "Alt-F4", I can play the videos with Windows Media Player 9 or TCPMP and they play back fine, no codec needed.

    Greg Smith
    Author, FeederReader - Pocket PC *direcT* RSS text, audio, video, podcasts - Download on the Road

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    thanks all for the answer.

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