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Domain Controller on VPC 2004

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    I installed Windows 2003 Entrprise Edition on a VPC and created a new domain with the name mydomain and set that machine as a domain controller. I created another VPC with Windows XP SP2 and tried to join it to that domain but it fails!
    I tried to ping from both to the other one...

    They can't see each other.. Yes they are on the same subnet and in the same IP range: the server: and the client is:

    I tried to do the same setup for the server on a real machine and kept the client running as a VPC.. It worked..

    Can anybody help here? why I can't run a domain controller on a VPC?

    VPC: Virtual PC 2004

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    Mike Dimmick

    I've successfully set up a domain controller and clients using Virtual Server before. Not tried it with Virtual PC.

    It sounds like the VPCs have incompatible network adapter settings. I'm not sure how well they'd work connected to 'Shared Networking (NAT)'. Try either an external network adapter or 'Local only'.

    Please note that the Class C private IP address range is 192.168.x.x. Not 194. The 194.168.x.x network belongs to NTL Internet here in the UK.

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    It doesn't work too! Perplexed

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    You have to configure every network adapter to local.

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    its working now Big Smile

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