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    Upon installing Visual Studio 2005, I'm noticing those pictures of smiling people flashing in front of me, along with text of how great it is that I'm installing Visual Studio 2005 and how it will make me a better Halo player.

    These pictures are very reminicent of those pictures we sometimes see on the home page of Remember them? Scoble had one done of him.

    I vote for a picture of Scoble during the install. For no reason what-so-ever, except to promote C9..

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    You mean something like this? I can hear the John Williams music already.

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    Minh wrote:
    You mean something like this? I can hear the John Williams music already.


    little bit extreme don't you think?

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    That picture is just a little too extreme. But I do vote for Scoble on the setup of VS2005! A little promotion is good for C9 Wink

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    I'd like the idea that some of the real developers and their statements about the product appear during setup. This would be a lot more authentic than some arbitrary models.
    Of course even better would be girls in swimsuits Tongue Out

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    Why would you need a picture of Scoble to promote C9? All you would need is a picture of the C9 Guy.

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