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God bless you, Joel (Spolsky)

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    Sathyaish Chakravarthy

    As a teen, I spent my time in a hostel far away from the warmth of home. The discipline the hostel inmates were imposed upon with was overbearing. Being a spiritual institution, the only type of songs we were allowed to hear were devotional. We ate spiceless food, walked bare footed and wore only whites. I recall being taken to task for not maintaining silence during most of the day. At times, the heart of a child in me revolted. Growing up was fantastic. A friend of mine kindled my rebellious spirit and showed me the artist I was. I rebelled.

    In my rebellion, I found beauty. I'd hide a walkman beneath my pillow and play English songs on it when everyone went to bed. Michael Jackson was my favourite. If there's a better way of saying it, I dreamt of being him, knew most of his songs' lyrics by heart and wrote them down time and again when the others went to play during the evenings.

    I had diaries filled with Bad, Beat It, Billy Jean, Thriller and a whole lot of Phil Collins' songs as well, written over and over again.

    When I watched Michael dance on the video, I could feel the pain he was putting himself through in reaching out to his fans during public shows.

    When he danced, I empathized with him and felt his physical fatigue. When you are too involved in a form of art, the knowledge of the finer details of a craftwork in the art enlivens the pain of diligence in you.

    I had a similar moment on the Aadvark video website. When you know what you're looking at, you feel the pain these guys have taken on to create a master piece like the Fog Creek fraternity.

    You notice each thing and you feel the pain that's gone into making it. The finer details drill into you like subtle albeit overwhelming impressions. That website is not *just* ASP even if it is just ASP.

    I bow down to the intelligence that manifests itself in Mr.Joel Spolsky. Joel, God bless you. I want to congratulate all the Fog Creek programmers and support people who built not just that website but all that Fog Creek has - from its website and the bomblastic milestones achieves to the person who chose the color for the carpet, the decor for the curtains, the desks, the arrangement of furniture, the pens, the stationary, the ventillation, everything.

    Do you feel the pain? Do you notice the finer stuff? I've been to a lot of restraurants, but when I went to one called Yellow Chilli, a chain of eateries run by a renowned Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor, I felt the pain. The waiters, you would never have to call. Their unobtrusive and almost providential vigil on your table got wishing that you were just going to ask when it was still thought waiting to bubble out as word.

    God bless you, Joel. I bow down to Intelligence. I bow down to Creativity. I bow down to all the interns that have worked and will be the beares and architects of the Empire.

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