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    Consider this a poll, do you want Beer28 banned from C9?  Normally I would say no.  I really do like most people.  But this time he is worse than he ever was before.  he hijacks every thread and turns it into an MS sux, Linux rocks thread.  And he has started the bull now that the DOJ needs to be involved , and starting or fueling "stop Microsoft" threads. 

    These are unproductive,  they are a waste of energy not to mention bandwidth.  Everyone says we have to be above everyone else and be tolerant unlike Slashdot.  If I was on a Linux mailing list cheering Windows and talking about how Linus was evil I would have been banned long ago

    We can ruffle his feathers and I know he would be back as Orangie or any of his alternate personalities or get his buddy Mario Zucca to hijack or similar to the way he had registered as a proverbial spit in Microsofts face.

    Cmon now its getting ridiculous.  If he would promise to quit hijacking every thread with his rhetoric I would be the first to say "stay" but he seems unwilling or unable to do so.