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View Thread: Should Beer28 be banned
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    With regards to the Paris burning thread... I had the misfortune to see the later stages of the battle between beer and jonathanh as it happend.

    Less than a min after jonathanh posted his warning, Beer posted:

    Beer28 wrote:
    I don't equate terrorism with civilian riots and protests or whatever, and frankly no matter how bad it gets in paris, I feel good about going at that price.

    If only there could be some riots in Tokyo next year around this time in offseason. I want to see that little electronics village, where you can get all sorts of gadgets before they hit the market.

    I assume that he quickly saw the warning and changed his last paragraph to:

    Beer28 wrote:
    Fine then.

    And a moment later to:

    Beer28 wrote:
    Fine then. And please continue to abuse your mod powers.

    Before jonathanh updated his post warning against this new behavior, only to end with the quote we now all know so well:

    Beer28 wrote:
    you're a backwards british retard. and you don't know squat about code. Seriously.

    If all of his previous shenanigans wasn't enough, I would sure hope that attacking an admin would be gounds for banishment... Unfortunately it sounds like the core Channel 9 team doesn’t want to ban him.

    Feature idea: Rather than an ‘Ignore User’ function, what about an ‘Ignore Thread’ function? For those times a thread is hijacked or you otherwise don’t care about the topic, you could banish it from your view of the most recently replied to threads.