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View Thread: Should Beer28 be banned
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    I'm going to pop my two cents in...  I say no, despite how frustrated I get reading some of his posts.  There will always be people like him around and we have to learn to live with it.  At the end of the day we may feel like this is our community but every visitor here should feel like a guest of the great guys who run this place.  Its their house and their decision when to get rid of someone. 

    Beer's technical arguments may frustrate people but playing ignorant should not be a bannable offense.  Now, when legal teams need to start being involved because of what he's said or done...  That becomes another issue, and I'm sure that Charles, Jonathan, and the others all make a daily decision on whether to let certain behaviors continue.

    And my last point, just to stick up for the guy...  As funny as it may be sometimes to slam him, people could try to be a little nicer.  The instant put-downs and dismissal only makes the situation worse for all involved.  Maybe if people stop attacking him every time he speaks (even when he's wrong) then the entire level of maturity will be raised.

    I know its a hard issue, but that's my opinion.