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Difference between Visual C# and Visual web developer

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    Hello Everyone

    I have been programming in php. Since 7th of this november I am looking forward to check these .net products.

    Could you please tell me what is the difference between Visual C# and Visual web developer as a web developer point of view.

    What I believe is with Visual C# you can do some windows programming ALSO while with visual web developer is not possible.

    Thankyou guys.


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    Thanks to the way VS2005 eschews VS2003's equation of Web Development projects to class libraries and Desktop apps it means that Visual C# Express 2005 doesn't let you produce web applications.

    Visual Web Developer, however, only lets you produce (basic) web-applications, but using any of the Microsoft-sanctioned .NET languages (i.e. VB and C#, and maybe J#)

    Want my advice? get VS2005 Standard.

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    I am a web developer, so I downloaded only these two at present. Probably will not use VB in near future.

    And I think Visual web developer can handle SQL, isn't it?

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    dcode wrote:
    I have been programming in php. Since 7th of this november I am looking forward to check these .net products.

    I assume you are going to spend some time learning .NET before banging out commercial sites or services.

    If you can afford to spend some extra time learning, I seriously recommend getting some basic C# and OO skills if you don't have them from PHP (and even if you do there's few things to read up on). When the new WPF tools come out, you can then start adapting your newly acquired C# & OO skills to doing WPF based web sites. In long term future a basic set of WPF will also run on Mac and phones, so you won't be entirely tied to the Windows platform with your sites.

    However there's probably not a lot of market for wpf apps until some time after Vista ships. So depends on your situation..

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