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Autoroute 2006 (or think it's called Trips and Streets in the US)

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    Hi all

    I think this is rather a basic question but probably worth asking...

    To give you a bit of background, my current PDA based GPS SATNAV well is for want of a better word... stuffed...

    Now I am considering getting AutoRoute 2006 (as it's called in the UK), as I carry a laptop with me in the car all the time whilst I'm working I intend to do away with my PDA. Now from the reviews I've read MS has got part of the system very very wrong... Why oh why would you want to have to click a button or try and find the F3 key when your driving at 30 - 70 MPH if you have either missed your exit or simply ignored the directions just to get AutoRoute to recalculate your route. Seems like a good idea to me, and from other forums I've read most other customers (or should I say potential customers) think.

    Now the techie bit, I would assume that their is a way of intercepting the "off course" message in AutoRoute and send a message back to the software to recalcuate the route. Or at least I hope so. I would have a closer looks at this but as my PDA only broke on monday I'm still considering my options.. Any advice from people using this software or MS dev's with ideas would be pretty handy.. As I dont think the UK police would be particually kind to someone driving and using their laptops (even if it is one key press) to recalcuate a route.

    Sorry for the rather limited technical question, I'll try and give you a harder one next time... but in the mean time off to MSDN to see any nice programming info is available for this (fingers crossed)

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