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digital camera

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    whats a good digital camera these days for under 300 bucks?

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    Canon SD300 (Ixus40 in Europe).

    Got mine a few weeks ago. It's conveniently tiny, takes more-than-reasonable pictures and videos, and is a great consumer-level camera.
    My criteria for choosing it were mainly portability - I wanted one I could stick in my bag and always have it with me. Got a 1GB SD card with it, and enjoying the ability to take a photograph whereever, whenever.

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    Obviously this would be subjective to your requirements.  Assuming yours are similar to mine, I would go with:
    Vivitar ViviCam 4000 (6.3 MP), $299.99.

    Of course, my criteria are simple: Decent picture, resolution / MP rating, portability, connectivity (must be USB2), and no need for proprietary software. 

    I actually purchased a new digicam yesterday - the HP Photosmart M407.  It's rated at 4.1MP, $162. It's tiny, but it comes with 32MB onboard and I was able to purchase a 256MB card for next to nothing ($35). It records audio with the video, which my previous Mavica was unable to do. It has ben discontinued online but is available in most stores.

    Please, no flames about shopping at Radio Shack. I was looking for project boxes and the cam caught my eye.

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    Check out

    That's an awesome site with reviews of nearly every digital camera on the market.

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    Kodak make some great cameras in their DX line... Oh and don't be fooled by the number of mega-pixels..  You can easily get a camera with 10 MP on eBay, does that make it a good camera? No... Does it produce good photos? No...

    A camera is far more than the amount of information it can dump, it also has to focus, react to light, counter movement and lots of other things... If you pick a camera just because it has "OMG SO MANY PIXELS" then you are going to end up loosing.

    After 5 MPixels it gets somewhat unimportant anyway, a 5 MP photo looks lovely and you can zoom in enough to make it worth while.

    For an example of this I will use the above recommended ViviCam 4000 6.2 MP camera, so here is an independent review of it:

    Someone wrote:
    Cons: Inaccurate color, poor color balance, color artifacts when shooting indoors using flash and auto mode.
    I sent this camera back to the vendor, and ate the 15% restock fee because the pictures were very poor. Out of the box, the camera seemed excellent. Well made, easy to use, excellent, intuitive features. The display is large and easy to use, the camera compact and lightweight. When I took pictures, however, using the auto mode, indoors in the evening, the pictures were very poor. The color was skewed to red, the adjacent pixels were of highly contrasting colors, which yielded a very pixelated appearance, even with the high resolution. The quality compared unfavorably with both Kodak and Sony 5mp pictures which were taken under the same conditions. I don't know if this camera would have worked better outdoors under natural light, but unless it could work well under all conditions in the auto mode, it was useless to me. Apparently Vivitar's color balancing software is not yet up to the standards of the other manufacturers.

    I personally have a dislike for HP cameras, they are poor quality and take poor pictures... But admittedly haven't tried any of their newer line including the one listed above.

    As I said, Kodak DX range of cameras.... The ONLY thing they can't do is take pictures of fireworks at night..

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    the Canon SD450 is very nice great pictures, nice and small and compact and the screen is to die for Smiley


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    In my defense, MP rating is only a major issue to me because when your wallpaper needs to be 8,000+ pixels wide...

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