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BOA/BML hoax

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    Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?
    BOA and BML a hoax? The Boxter a hoax-meister?

    Mary Jo
    Dinner with Don

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    Don and Clemens and a few others were at a party at TechED Europe and had a few too many. Here's more:

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    There's merit to what they were discussing with "a few too many".

    Let the conspiracy theories begin...

    What's real?

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    Sooner or later the truth will emerge that the “Longhorn” OS was actually found on board an alien spacecraft that crashed in Waco Texas  in the late “80’s.

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    Wait - you're not supposed to let people know about that one.

    And it wasn't Waco.  It was just outside Austin.

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    I messed up in my comments here big time. I just wrote a retraction/correction and an apology to Don Box. That apology is at

    I'm copying it here just for Google and everyone else who cares:

    One from the heart tonight. I really screwed up in my blog the other night.

    Two days ago on my blog and on this thread on Channel 9 I wrote that Don Box (and others) had a "few too many" at a TechED party.

    These words, I've learned since, are wrong and give an impression of Don that isn't true (I've verified this with several people who were at the party -- something I should have done before playing loose with people's reputations).

    I was not at the party and embellished the story I had been told. That was wrong. It needs to be corrected.

    My wife and I were talking about this tonight and she said it really sucked the way I treated Don. I agree. My quotes were used in an article in the Register.

    Anyway, Don, I'm sorry. I screwed up plain and simple.

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    That Register story is very mean spirited, typical British “chicken little, the sky is falling” journalistic sensationalism. Rags like the Register will not be around much longer when they need to rely on blogs as sources for stories…

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    If you want to see the Register's Orlowski at his "best", just look at any of the articles he's written about Google. You can almost feel the spittle flying Smiley

    The cynical view is that hyping up conflicts of this type is the best way to pump up your web readership, thereby gaining more advertisers and making more money...

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    Wow... I like the register, but this really ticks me off. C9 is supposed to be somewhere MS people can let their hair down (so to speak), not somewhere where their comments are 'offical' Microsoft stuff... The fact that they take comments that where made in fun and without thought and used them in this serious context kind of takes away from C9.

    Each time this happens C9 will lose its real touch until we end up with a corp. monster, where MS staff has to run posts past the (evil) MS layers... sigh



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