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Will DOJ make Microsoft remove any features from Longhorn?

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    "The Longhorn release might still be years away, but the OS has already come under the watchful eye of the US Department of Justice (DOJ), which wants to ensure that Microsoft's next major OS conforms to the company's US antitrust settlement terms. A DOJ lawyer informed a federal judge yesterday that the agency would like to have full access to Longhorn as early as possible so that Microsoft won't be able to later represent its feature set as unchangeable because it's been under development for so long. "While Longhorn is not scheduled for release for some time, plaintiffs believe that early attention to these issues will enable plaintiffs and Microsoft to address any potential concerns in a timely manner, before the final structure of the product is locked into place," DOJ regulators and Microsoft said in a joint filing."


    "The DOJ might be in for a nasty surprise, however, because Longhorn will likely contain numerous technologies with which the agency will take exception. The DOJ's original antitrust case centered around Microsoft's practice of harming competition by bundling technology in its dominant Windows OSs. In the wake of the US antitrust case, the company has curiously increased its technology-integration practices, even touting recent releases' "integration innovation." Longhorn will be more of the same--integrated search functionality that seems designed to knock competitors such as Google and Yahoo! out of the search business. Other technologies, such as digital-media integration, security, and virus scanning, could also potentially harm competitors."

    Based on this article, what is your opinion, do you think DOJ will make Microsoft remove any features or parts of planned features from Windows "Longhorn" design and development?

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    If Longhorn would provide hooks for third party developers to swap the built-in functionality with a better one (think defrag/browser etc) I have no problem with them bundling functionality to improve their product experience.

    Most people wouldn't know the difference between this search product and that search product. They just need one and don't care from which firm it comes. But if one would need extra features, it shouldn't be made difficult to access those features. So allow third party integration (without them being able to crash Windows off course Wink).

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