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View Thread: How essential to Microsoft is Bill Gates?
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    Jeremy W

    Obivously macho was just trolling a bit. I'm sure he has no idea how difficult it is for an individual to just put money into a company, from an accounting standpoint.

    As an outsider, I have slowly learned to view Microsoft as dozens (if not more) of smaller companies. Each go along with the direction of the larger one, but the innovation space within the smaller ones appears to be huge.

    Longhorn. .NET. XBox. The new Management suite coming out soon. All amazing innovations within their spaces. Innovations that had to be thought up, justified, rationalized and pitched by... Not Bill. By the team members.

    Bill is a great figurehead (and not just a 'look I'm a figurehead' one). He definitely pushes the comapny a lot, but Microsoft seems to be one of the few companies where the majority of the momentum is actually 4-6 levels down from Bill.

    Just an outsider's viewpoint though. I'd hate to see him go. I love the keynotes, inspirations, etc that he brings to the table. Any man who can create a trillion dollar industry is worth listening to, in my books.