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View Thread: One of the million reasons why Windows sucks (religious)
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    Jeremy: okay, assuming Windows is installed on most desktops in the world, you need another Windows to administer them in each LAN/WAN. BTW, whenever I'm  asked to propose a solution for a large corporate network I mostly say "Windows desktops + Windows NT domain and stuff + Linux or Sun as a web/mail server + any UNIX-based firewall".

    Speaking of automatic distribution of packages and updates: they are dangerous. An average syadmin is able to do a mistake that would stop all computers in the network, not to mention a malicious attack that would be pretty easy to do with your automatic distribution of packages.

    Okay... to continue the race Smiley how about administering a remote server through a slow dial-up line? From a relatively 'dumb' terminal? I beleive one day it would be possible to log in to a UNIX machine from a cell phone.

    See, I'm not talking about Linux, but UNIX in general. That's another religious issue not relevant here... Wink