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    You are most definitely trolling... And I feel you have little real world experience with things. As fair as script is concerned there is a point where you just have to use a standard programming language. You could consider building a program in full VB6 or .Net. Script's are a good idea but sometimes they are just no suitable.

    Microsoft, what I would like to see is a semi-full VB6~ implementation as an interpreter (ala QBASIC). Remove the support for advanced and graphical items  that would never be used in scripts. The great thing about this idea is you already have the VB6 compiler source so converting it wouldn't be too expensive.

     Instead of the script dev having to look up messy components to do stuff like file OI just have the interpreter do all that 'Open PATH for X as Y' is a winning solution.

    This wouldn't even be the first time full BASIC has been an interpreted language.

    Lastly, this wouldn't hurt your profit margins as fair as VS6 is concerned because developers still wouldn't be able to use your VB6 interpreter to develop graphic apps or compile in binary executables.

    Has anyone else tried using VB6 to make non-visual apps (using a single module + sub main()) or is it just me? Your find when doing that that it is excellent at it.

    Please, if you read this at least give it SOME thought.