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which windows version do you use

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    which windows versions do you use?
    on my old pc (p3-550) works nt-4 and on my new pc (p4 2,5) works xp-home.
    whats you os?

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    2k on the laptop, Win98 on the desktop.

    XP would run better & faster & crash less on my great P3 desktop, but I can't afford it!  I should get some OEM stuff Big Smile

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    I run Windows XP at work, with 2000 on my dev server.

    I run Windows XP at home on my main client, and my four home servers run Windows Server 2003.

    My brother and parents also run Windows XP.. All professional edition (as we have a domain at home)

    My family's laptops also run XP.

    I just took out two old PII servers a while ago, they were both running Windows 2000 Server. But now everything's up to date! Smiley

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    XP Pro on my workstation at home, XP pro on my laptop, win2k3server on my workstation in work, win2k3 server on my first server and win2k sevrer on my secondary server, which will get an upgrade to 2k3 soon. im running longhorn in a virtual pc on my workstation in work, and setting up a virtual network with win2k3 server and windows xp inside virtual pc on my workstation at home. there is an other machine on my network running windows xp pro. i think thats about it. could be missing a machine to two though. Smiley

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    I use Windows XP for my main machine at home, Windows Mobile 2003 on my iPaq (upgraded my 5455), and I run the latest public build of Longhorn on my (Gasp) Pentium II 450mz processor. Surprisingly it isn't even that bad..

    I remember playing with the beta builds of the '.net Server' on a Pentium I, 133Mhz and it didn't hurt too badly, until I tried turning on a lot of services..

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    Xp Pro at work and on my laptop, Longhorn 4074 on my Athlon 700 and absolutely nothing at all on my Athlon64 system till I get chance to pop into town and buy a big enough power suppy to turn it on. Wink

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    Jeremy W

    XP Pro SP1 at work, XP Pro SP2 at home.

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    re; "on my old pc (p3-550) works nt-4"

    ive loaded XP on a 300mghz machine
    made it feel brand new
    no bombing - all hardware detected without driver cdroms, aprox 30% speed increase

    So long as your not using a lot of server specific NT4 stuff - format it and load XP Smiley

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    The Athlon64 doesn't require any more power then a Pentium 4.

    I have a MSDN subscription, so I can always have the latest and greatest OS and Servers.

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    One Windows machine.
    Windows 2000 - K6-II 300 MHz, ~300M RAM. Dog-slow.
    (Though it's very rarely in use)

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    xp pro at home and on laptop
    2000 at work

    I prefer 2000 but that is probaly because I work on it the most.

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    eagle wrote:
    The Athlon64 doesn't require any more power then a Pentium 4.

    Yes, but the only spare power supply I've got kicking around is out of a P100 and the 235W one from my older Athlon isn't enough to boot the machine (at least I hope that's what wrong!)

    Still, tomorrow is Saturday!

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    3x XP Home,
    2x XP Pro,
    1x ME,
    1x 98 (P2 120MHz, can't run XP, it's too slow)
    1x NT4 Server (486/66, 64M RAM)
    at home

    1x Longhorn
    3x XP SP2
    at work

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    4 custom boxes + 1 laptop,
    All Win2K (laptop P3),
    All AMD < 500Mhz (laptop 800Mhz),

    All run like a dream.

    No need to fix what works.

    That'll change with my box.  It'll have XP so I can test apps on it and become my main system.  And of course it'll be an AMD!!!

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