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"We apologize, but there is an unknown error"

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    ..Please  refresh the page"

    What does this message really mean?  And why do I get it fairly often?

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    it's an unknown error, no one knows what it means

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    I think Charles said that there are sometimes problems due to coding in the channel 9. It is about locking in the database.

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    This is a generic error message we generate for unhandled runtime exceptions. Very often these can be due to SQL timeouts, threading issues, or file locks.
    Note that we fixed the table locking bugs (well most of them, there may be more we missed, there are quite a few stored procedures that power Channel 9). We log these errors in the database so we can debug. However, often we see UnhandledHttpException or Unknown Error exceptions which can be tough to track down...

    We're working hard on bugs and you'll continue to see improvements.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Keep on posting,


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    Thank you all for the info, I appreciate it!!

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