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View Thread: What does MS think about the unofficial Windows98 Service Pack?
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    Manip wrote:

    Not even to mention that I legally own a copy of Win98 SE and Office 95..

    Hey, I've got a 73' AMC Gremlin I'll make you a deal on!

    Actually I agree with you completely on the desktop evolution of Linux. Instead of closing in on MS it seems Linux distros are succumbing to bloatware creep far faster than Microsoft could imagine. Not to mention now I get lockups/freezing that never happened in the good ole days. I think the last good version of most distros was about 12 months ago. Currently I run RH9/XP on my laptop but will probably switch to Debian or Slackware in the near future rather than  follow the Fedora track.  Now that MS is packaging Unix Services for free, and adding great functionality and new methods to  the adminstrative scripting the gap in  "cool"  is closing. Please keep it  up guys.
    Blonde Destiny