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    INETA Movie!

    Bill Evjen's
    a busy guy, he writes software, he runs a .Net User Group, next week he'll be in New York to speak at VSLive and now he's making movies!

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    View the 56K version

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    It's great to see developers using their "artistic" visualization skills to make a slick motion picture. I am sick of this stereotype that programmers are dullards of creative expression outside of  braces, angle brackets and end statements.

    On the other hand, these guys could have "hired" a friend to make the flick but I'm being optimistic...

    BTW: We've got an INETA member speaking here in Los Angeles, Jeff Prosise, cofounder of Wintellect.

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    Your UG is lucky to get Jeff as a speaker, he really knows his programming. I met him at the first Devscovery, during one of his talks the projector malfunctioned and he couldn’t do the demos. The next day he arrived at 8am and gave the demos on his laptop as we sat at breakfast. He created an ASP.Net page using Notepad, and talked us through every step.

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