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Gmail is NOT 1 gigabyte (nearly false advertisement)

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    I was looking around on the gmail site to try and find a way to get an gmail address when I came across the 'How much does GMail cost?' section of the about page in short it says:

    'GMail is free and you get 1000 megabytes of storage'

    But in fact 1 gigabyte is 1024 megabytes. But this isn't false advertisment because some companies believe that 1000m is 1g.

    I don't like these companies.

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    I think you should ask for a refund.

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    The Brits attack us for the date thing, now the Aussies don't like how much "free" we give for free, where the hell are the French?


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    Actually, Gmail *is* 1 GB. If you fill up your mailbox, you'll see the use goes up to 1023 Mb and any email that takes your account beyond 1024 mark will not be received or sent (remember it saves all your messages in Sent?).

    But yes, it is nearly false advertising since because of their fascination with rounded figures of 1 followed by a few 0s, they 'rounded' off the figure to 1000 MB on the display.


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    Well, You can't rightfully say you like any hard drive manufacturer. Ever notice how the disk capacity ACTUALLY doesn't match the advertised size... In marketing, 1GB = 1000MB.

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    Was there not a lawsuit last year where some litigation-addicted Californians took virtually every hard drive/computer manufacturer to court over this very issue?

    I wonder whatever happened to that?  As I don't see 117.1875 GB hard drives for sale, I presume they lost or its still ongoing!

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