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Most annoying bug in Windows ever!!

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    Yes, in a product called "windows" (tm? Wink), this is a bit of a problem!

    Open any control panel applet, they don't appear in the taskbar.  Since Windows 95!

    Why don't they appear in the taskbar, and why do they completely disappear when you press "Show desktop" on the quick launch toolbar?

    Why do driver properties in "Manage my computer" fall behind the manage my computer window itseslf when they're modal?  Or arew they?  BEcause if you can't find & close them, then you can't close the manage window.

    Just some damn annoying things in windows management in Windows!!

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    Good points. Definitely something to fix on Longhorn. Similarly, select files and check out properties to learn the file sizes. Switch to other windows, and now to switch back to that window (cause it is calculating the size of the files), you got to minimize the windows in front of that window until you see it.

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    Good point!  It's yet another case of "where's that damn window!!" lol

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    The window hides behind the control panel window over here. Add or remove software and user accounts appears in taskbar. And all the items in Administrative Tools get there own window and appear in taskbar but that is probaly because they get loaded into mmc.

    Lots of moving around with windows, that's probaly Microsofts way of fitness =)

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    Similarly, ever notice how the "Lasted Used" date in the Add/Remove programs and the "Rarely" "Frequently",  etc. is never correct?

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    Raymond Chen posted an explaination of this recently.
    Its mostly because Add/Remove programs uses mostly guesswork to determine this information when there is not enough information provided by the installer to work it out properly.

    How does Add/Remove Programs get the size and other information?

    Its also the reason why Add/Remove takes so long to load when you have lots of programs installed.

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