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    Hi colleage... Would you let me attempt to share with you the way I have used through almost 40 years (I started in 1968 participating with the application of the Image for the Olympic Games in Mexico) designing Integrated Company/Branding Graphical Imagery?

    Well... The first thing I ever do when re-designing an existing image, is to ask to my client, or to my self if it is for a proposal of my own, the following four questions, made in the order shown:

    1) Whose are the concepts you want to "tell" about the Company or brand?

    2) Whose are the graphical appreciation skills already developed by the mean of the targeted public intended to interpret such "iconic" language?

    3) Whose are the state-of-the-art trends in graphical design?

    4) Whose are the thecniques I have available to develop my solution and whose are the publishing thecnologies will be used to carry the imagery?

    Makes this any sense to a nowadays smart and insightful Graphic Designer as the one you are Jamie? Smiley