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    j0217995 wrote:
    The movie is too long, an hour getting to the island, an hour at the island and an hour in New York. The problem was in the theatre I was at, i bet only 6 or 7 people understood all the refrences to Heart of Darkness. But once again a slow moving movie and I found myself looking at my watch wondering when would it end. The better movie IMHO is Narnia

    I have to agree that the film could have been a bit shorter. They should have left out some of the side stories (i.e. the mysterious ship crew). I was also left wondering how they got Kong to New York Perplexed

    Nevertheless I thought it was an excellent movie, the Kong character and his relationship with Ann Darrow was amazing.

    I prefered King Kong to Narnia simply because the characters had more depth (except for Edmund in Narnia). Both were good christmas movies.