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View Thread: Internet Explorer 6 opens blank windows (or Firefox!) since December Microsoft Updates
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    Steve411 wrote:
    rrottman wrote:

    Thanks for the answer, Zeo, however I am pretty sure it is not linked to spyware.

    "EEEEEH! The price is wrong ..."

    Whenever your browser has issues with new windows, it is either connected to 1.) A popup blocker (probably the crappy MSN) 2.) A toolbar 3.) SPYWARE (always the first) 4.) Viruses

    Seriously, dont say it isnt spyware because in 90% of all cases it is, and im a 112% positive that its spyware in your case.

    Back when I did tech support for a small company here everyone that had problems with Internet Explorer were infected by some sort of spyware; so use SpyBot to get rid of it.

    No joke.
    - Steve

    Did you not listen to the thread creator? It ISN'T spyware, that has already been accounted for.

    It happened after he installed patches, and has occured to multiple people. There must be a bug in the way Windows Updates distributed it, or an install problem on their machines, or an invalid certificate, or any number of other reasons. Heck, those people might not have restarted their machines after applying updates (I've had problems after not restarting my computer after applying updates, even though I had shutdown it).

    It isn't always spyware, especially when a spyware scan has been done.