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SQL Express Managment problem

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    i have spent the last several hours trying to figure out why Managment  Studio stopped working last night.


    It turns out that SQL Books online can not be installed on the same machine with Express Managment.

    This is very anoying and wasted allot time.  The question running through my head is now how can i fix problems withut help files...  let alone learn about all the new features [C]Embarassed

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    i'm bumping this because it was posted on sunday, so other poeple can see,

    So if they are like me and don't go to the second and third pages...

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    I installed every 2005 Express language, plus  SQL  and the Managment Studio and SQL Books Online, over the same machine (XP SP2) and haven't any problems using them... I followed the guidelines to intall given at the Visual Studio Site by using the automatic unistall utility for the Beta 2 I already had... So I think order of installation as depicted in those guidelines are important... Perhaps you should try uninstalling and reinstalling again in the proper order.

    Tonatiúh Smiley

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    It is important in my experience to do these things in the right order, as Ton~ just pointed out.

    I found that you have to install .NET 2.0 after installing 1.1 with whatever product is installed (for me it was VS2005/VS2003 needing the incrementally correct order).

    Did you get a free copy of SQL Server 2005 from the launch event nearest you? This studio is different from the Express studio?

    I have only installed the full standard version of MSSQL 2005 and attached MSSQL2005Express database files to it...

    Good luck. Any progress so far?

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    Did follow the order of install it seems to happen only in Express Studio, with Books Online

    Launch events never been never have time

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