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    Santa, I know this is a last minute request, but I just gota have one of these.....please! It's called a DualCor cPC and it runs Windows XP and Windows Mobile cool is that?

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    Prettiful. Can I get a price?

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    Khamul wrote:
    Prettiful. Can I get a price?

    Ditto...$$$ please

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    Phone (831) 430-9001

    You can't buy one yet, but I'll bet it will be over $1000

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    What?  No specs?

    I like my Jasjar just fine, thankyouverymuch, though I'd be interested to see what the specs are on this.

    BTW - you can find some more details about this device here:
    and here

    Where is the QWERTY keyboard?  That would suck if you had to type everything on the screen or with an external keyboard.


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    I read somewhere that they will be showing it at the January 2006 CES and will retail around $1500.  This has been my dream for as long as I can remember... To have a PC that I can take anywhere and dock at home, work, etc.

    Along the same vein I have also dreamt having it dock in a laptop shell, in my car as the CarPC, etc.  If they can develop a killer docking solution then this thing could kick butt.  Additionally I have always dreamt that this PC would run light applications when used as a handheld.  They are accomplishing this by using Windows CE 5 which isn't a bad way to start. 

    If this takes off I can see it getting quite popular.  Now to get a kill graphics card in it Smiley


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    It has a 40Gb Hard Drive and a 1gig Flash Drive

    1 gig of DDR2 RAM, this is better then most Tablet PC today!

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