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Roll call - tell us who you are!

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    Phew ... that is one angry mother(need to watch my language here) Wink

    Anyways ... I am a 30 year old web programmer from Iceland, currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I have been doing the programming thing for well over 6 years now and have been a MS follower for the last 4 or so.

    I was actually watching the VS 2005 video here on the page last night ... and boy was I impressed. All the bugging (features?) from VS .NET 2003 are gone. Just like that!

    Sad to see though that the launch of 2005 will not be untill the end of the year ... very bad.

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    Time for the obligatory roll call thread.   I'll start, please tell us more about yourself.

    I'm Jeff Sandquist and one of the "5 Guys from Redmond".  I came to Microsoft almost seven years ago where I started as an Engineer supporting Active Server Pages 1.0 and Visual InterDev 1.0.

    After a great time in PSS I spent time in Visual Studio, MSDN,, Hailstorm Evangelism and landed a few years ago in Windows Evangelism.  It has been quite a ride.   I spend everyday thinking about how we can work together to build great software on Windows.   I love testing new applications.

    In my life prior to Microsoft I designed Mobile Homes, City Busses, did some Civil Engineering work.  Eventually starting a small ISV shop in the small prairie / farming community of Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Back in 1995 I fell in love with the NET and was hooked.  My family and I made the leap to come to Redmond.  

    Outside of work, I am a gadget freak, a frustrated gardener and husband to my wife and Dad to my two daughters.

    I'd love to learn more about you.

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    I'm Aaron Slater, I worked for two years at United Airlines from 00-02 and was immediately drawn here by the simple curiosity when I heard Microsoft had a channel named after the airline's cockpit channel. I might even at one point have dealt with at least one of the "5 guys from Redmond" (directly or indirectly) since I worked both the 1K desk and Executive Services. Then in 2003, I joined the Navy and currently work in the Submarine Fleet as an Electronics Technician (I'm rated, but will complete the final phase of training in Bangor, Washington in October). Outside of work... um... I'm Military so work is 24/7/365 so... when I'm not doing anything else, I build PCs, work on my Mac, and get into trouble with my shipmates Wink

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    Bryn Waibel

    Wow, that sounds a little bit like an obituary... Hmm, somehow these things always do

    Well, my actual name is Iñigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die. I only said my name was Bryn Waibel because i thought it would throw you off for a while while i got close to you. Most of the obligatory link information can be found over on the left. I don't spend much time writing a blog or keeping a personal website. When I go home, I spend time with my wife, we cook and do generally anything that gets us outside, any time of year. I dig gadgets in a big way, to a fault, Windows Media Center edition is by far my favorite right now, i absolutely love it. I'll also give a shout out to Rio for making wicked cool mp3 devices.

    I started at Microsoft working on the Windows website team, worked on the IE 5 launch site and the Windows 98 and Professional sites, then I moved to MSDN where i spent what was the majority of my career until my recent 2.5 year bi-annual-versary or what ever it would be called as an SDE in Windows Evangelism. At MSDN, I did not one but two versions of the much hated library including the current one. I also worked on their now replaced ratings system as well as the still in use article comments system. There was more, but i'm boring you, i can tell by the slobber on your desk. This is the intuitive sense you get by being an official "Channel 9 Guy," woo hoo! I've basically been here since college so you could say I was born at Microsoft, but that makes me mad, so please don't.

    I sure hope you guys enjoy Channel9 and get something worthwhile out of it, I know I have so far, Thanks

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    Thomas Leonard, first year CS student. Long time Mac user, Linux user. Former Microsoft hater. I still hate how my school is tied to Visual Studio, I'd much prefer they had us use vi and gcc then we could move on to IDEs. I enjoy the MacBU's software and while I wouldn't use XP on a machine of my own, Ill take a serious look at Longhorn, or else I'd be a blind zealot. Keep up the good work here, and ill keep reading. (yes I got the link from Slashdot). p.s please take my suggestions about a main page RSS feed only, Im sick of getting forum posts in my news aggregator.

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    I'm Philip Miseldine, a PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University. I graduated last year from Northampton with a 1st class BSc in software engineering, and spent the most part of 2003 searching for funding for postgraduate placements.

    Luckily, Liverpool had the faith (and the money!) so I'm now a new researcher in a very exciting department in a very cool city.

    My research is currently at the emerging interest stage, but I'm tagged up with some really great middleware researchers as well as being known as the ".NET guy" in the department. In reality, this means answering the obligatory "What is .NET?" and "Why should I use .NET over J2EE?". It's kinda fun watching eyes widen when I casually drop a [WebMethod] attribute Smiley

    I live in digs 3 streets down from John Lennon's childhood home, so I'm hoping some inspiration will rub off on my frequent walks through Strawberry Fields and down Penny Lane. I can but hope Wink

    In less geeky terms, I do all the student cliches, go to see live music (The Zutons are the next big thing!), drink in pubs, and try very hard to play the guitar (finger picking is just too much for my coordination).

    Keep up the good work fellas Smiley

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    My name is Richie Rump aka Jorriss and I was born and raised in Miami, Fla. I first started to code on a Commodore 64 way back when I was a kid. I later moved to writing Apple Basic on an Apple IIe. After not coding all throughout high school, I began to take programming classes at Miami-Dade College and got introduced to Visual Basic 3.  I've been hooked ever since. I should also mention that I was a total Access 2.0 junkie and wrote all kinds of crazy stuff for it.

    In 1997 I graduated from the University of Miami with a BBA in Computer Information Systems degree (yes, it's a business degree). My professional experience covers companies like Ryder System, Walt Disney World, Insight Technology Partners (later renamed to Xcelerate, then sold to SBI), Flordia Power and Light, and currently Restaurant Services, Inc (RSI). 

    Over the past year and a half I've been writing VB.Net applications for RSI and finding interesting solutions using the framework.

    I've been married to the most wonderful woman for almost five years now and have a cat for each year (I hope we don't get a fifth, the inn is full). I also engage in some charitable work with the youth of South Florida.


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    Jeremy W

    Wow, bios. I love bios Wink

    To be honest, I've had an odd and rocky career (not as rocky as Jeff's though). I started out as a designer, in fact I helped do most of the JavaScript for MS's and IBM's site back in 94. I was all proud of myself, but thinking back on it now I can't believe I did some of that stuff.

    Ah well, the web was young and we were all foolish.

    I used to design TV ads, magazines, websites, you name it (inclding hospital kiosks and signage).

    Eventually I moved into programming. Websites, at first, but eventually into Lead Development on some really cool projects, which lead me to Microsoft. .NET, in fact, lead me to Microsoft. I'd never really had any 'love' or 'hate' towards Microsoft until .NET, it simply wasn't a company I'd had to deal with much.

    Eventually I got into some more senior roles doing project management, business development, program management, and found that's what I really loved doing. Really helping people's businesses and providing tools which make real people's lives easier has always made me smile, and made getting up for work easier.

    Sadly, I don't do that anymore. I moved away from my last job because I wasn't too keen on where the company was going, and landed in an even worse mess.

    At the same time I've been blogging. Love it. Addicted to it. I've gotten to 'know' (superficially of course) probably 30 Microsoft bloggers. It's thanks to these bloggers that I've realised that while I did have a fantastic job before it's not one of those "once in a lifetime" things. There are companies which provide fantastic environments where you get to help real people by solving real problems.

    To be honest I, unashamedly, am pursuing a job at Microsoft. Program Management or Technical / Developer Evangelist type stuff ideally. I'm not here at Channel 9 to milk a job, by any stretch, but I am hoping to continue confirming my belief that Microsoft is exactly the kind of company I want to work for.

    If it doesn't happen, no big deal. I'll keep blogging, keep playing games with MS folks and keep enjoying the thought provoking discussions. I prefer friendships which aren't based on needing something from someone Wink

    Oh, and, hopefully, keep hanging out here.

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    I am vanlandw,

    I live in Grand Rapids, MI.  I just graduated from college and trying to find real employment in the area.  I like comptuers and videogames.

    learn more about me at my internet destination

    Tongue Out

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    I'm Frank Carr. My educational background is in Political Science, not math, engineering or computers. I served in the Marines out of college, got hurt and got discharged early, went to graduate school, got hooked on PCs while doing statistical work for a state government agency and never looked back. Well, at least not until about 2 years ago when I was out of work for about a year.

    I've been a Microsoft MVP for Visual Basic since 1994. I've used every version of VB since VB1 and before that I did mostly DOS based programming in QuickBasic, MASM, and C/C++ and before that I did tech support and inside sales work. This year marks my 20th year working in the computer industry. Right now I'm working for a health insurance cost containment company helping them build web sites, writing COM+ objects and SQL Server stored procs and starting work toward transition to .NET (probably C# instead of VB).

    As for hobbies and other stuff, I play guitar, take care of my wife (she's partially disabled), play Yu-gi-oh cards with our 7 year old son, feed and clean up after our 5 cats and our blue and gold macaw (that's him in my avatar picture). My personal web site is at 

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     I am Billy Vaughn, a happily married father of 2 children who have truly changed my life. I live in San Diego, Ca. and love it here, though I have to say that if it wasn't for my wonderful family I would never venture out of my home office / studio. Family life has really given me a life outside of music and programming.

     I am a second generation programmer and first got into the art when my mom brought home a Basic language manual for my Commodore 64. I immediately fell in love with programming. I coded for a few years as a kid, but lost interest until I discovered the internet in '96. There was just something about coding stuff that people around the world could use that got my blood pumping and kept me up till 2 AM every day.

     After coding web sites and CGI stuff in PERL for several years I decided I wanted to get deeper into more complex business apps and took a job in Dallas coding primarily in VB 4,5,and 6 until 2000 when I moved to San Diego and got back into web stuff.

     I currently do enterprise level wepp apps in .Net (primarily) and J2EE. Though I love .Net, I have to say that there are many things I think that J2EE does much better. Mostly though, I can't look my Java counterparts in the eye and tell them that C# isn't just another *embrace and extend* rip-off. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy coding in C# just as much as Java, but when it comes down to it, I think we would all be much better off if the big companies all worked together (but thats another topic).

     At any rate, that's who I am, and where I stand. I won't tell you your wrong for your standpoint, and LOVE to debate/discuss design and coding topics.

    Oh yeah, I don't have any degrees or the like, just gimme a manual lock me in my office for a few days, classrooms are slow and boring. Smiley

    Cheers, and Rock On Channel 9!

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    I'm Jordan Kapp. Third year Secondary School student at Stratford Central Secondary School in Ontario, Canada.

    Inside of school, I'm majoring in Sciences (including CS), and minoring in Arts. I'm an avid member of the robotics team as well as the music department (1 Music course, 1/2 Credit Band course, and Music Council).
    Outside of school, my calling is in Aviation. I'm currently in the 19th Squadron Air cadets. After 5 months of Ground school and successfuly passing the flight exam, I have the prerequisites to complete the pilots licensing. I have also spent 4 months on the rifle team, acheiving Marksman 1st class status. After graduation, I aspire to join the Air Force to be a fighter pilot.

    Outside of school and cadets, there is programming and gaming. I am part-time developing a game (currently under NDA). I program in C/C++ and BASIC. I also know XHTML and CSS for construcing webpages. Except for the BASIC, its all self taught.

    As for gaming, most hours are spent on Counter-Strike. I'm addicted to it despite the fact I'm really terrible at it.

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    To start - My name is Randy DeForest.  I have been a geek for most of my life, but professionally for about 13 years.

    I wrote my first BASIC program over a tel-terminal connected to the University of New Mexico in 1981.  Huge program the calculated how many days old you are.

    Moved on to Apple II+, mostly working with bulletin boards and gaming.

    I started my professional geek career getting caught hacking the company inventory control software.(I didn't like the interface). The boss gave me two choices, re-write it for real or be fired! I took the former.

    I was fortunate to be able to work on some cutting edge stuff, bi-directional radio communications(similar to the two-way pagers of today - only MUCH larger), radio bar-code scanners, and EDI.

    From there designed and implemented a data warehouse solution for a very large industrial supply company.

    After being 'down sized', I moved over the construction industry to write some operational software.

    Gave a shot at running my own firm for a couple of years. Too much work for one guy. The market in Phoenix is/was pretty saturated with small software/any thing you need companies. 

    Now I am back in the corporate world - writing code for health care insurance. Everything from EDI to browser based apps. I have been here for four years. I am luck to work in an organization that keeps close to the technology edge.

    That’s me.

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    My name is Nick and I am a Software Developer / Database Administrator for a call center located in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

    I started out my career learning basic in school, then moved up to visual basic 6, and now i work with C# on a daily basis (For both work and personal projects). I prefer C# over VB.NET because C# looks better (I like the brackets).

    I am also the Database Administrator / Developer and work mostly with MS SQL 2000 with some MySQL on the side. I guess Database development is what i do best/

    In my off time, i like working on my house, playing husband and spending time with our dog. I used to enjoy online gaming, but put that on hold until World of Warcraft come out. 

    My main focus now is learning Managed DirectX and working with it more and more. Soon i will also take my tested to become an MCAD in C#.


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    Oh yeah, I just knew a thread like this would come up Smiley My bio:

    I am Michel Heemskerk, almost 24 years old and I live and work in Den Haag (The Hague), in The Netherlands.

    I started coding BASIC when I was about 8, on a MSX. Missed out on all the Commodore stuff.. Smiley Didn't do much with computers for a while until the www became popular in the mid-90's and my family bought a home computer (running the classic Windows 3.11 for Workgroups). I was instantly hooked on computers and the internet and have since then used a lot of OS'es, from Win95 to BeOS to Sun Solaris.

    After a year of studying Information Technology I was fed up with it, got a job and now I've been working fulltime for about 7 years, evolving from service desk agent to semi-senior developer. I began with PHP, MySQL etc., but ever since I saw what kind of technologies MS was developing, I have never wanted anything else: I just love the Windows architecture, how everything integrates with everything else and how easily MS systems and software are maintained.

    Same goes for .NET - When I first heard Bill Gates' visionary talk about connecting all devices with one another and saw him speak at the Developer Days '01 here in The Hague, I thought "Hey, that's exactly what I want the world around me to look like!" I started playing with VS.NET about a year ago and I don't think I'll ever use anything else.

    In case it wasn't clear yet, I am a developer. My (small) company is currently still building websites in classic ASP (old habits die hard), but we're beginning to see the benefits of .NET. My work also includes system management and administration of web servers and databases. I have successfully completed the exam 'Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0' and that makes me an MCP.

    In my free time, I like coding (hey, my work is also my hobby, couldn't ask for more), biking, hanging around with friends, watching movies - and I am a huge Star Trek fan, as many geeks are Wink

    Hope that is enough (just kidding, sorry for the length of this post). Nice to meet you all.


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    I'm young - but I've had the benefit of developing for the past five years.  I started off making a Star Trek website on Geocities and have de-evolved to contractor for the Gov. deveoping web based applications.

    I'm fluent in six languages (VB, VB.NET, Cold Fusion,HTML,JavaScript,T-SQL) and can read a few others (C#).

    I'm really hoping that this site continues to grow and becomes a great resource.


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    My name is Lonnie Allen Watson, I have been into computers since I was a teen in the late 70's. Had a KIM 1 DL trainor as my first computer. Never really went to school anywhere other than high school. Worked for a number of years prior to graduating highschool with a firm that created electronic gadgets for profoundly disabled folks. That firm went away when the feds grant money supply dried up in the early 80's. Worked at a small computer store for 10 years until the CompUSA's of the work forced mom and pop out of business. That was however where I learned a ton about computers and software. Along the way there I taught computer graphics at a local technical school. Towards the end of the computer store days I was rented out to a small firm that sold touch screen systems to restaurants and other hospitality outfits. POSitouch was their product and I worked there for 3 years pretty much assisting them and their dealer network on installations all over the world. Lived out of a duffel bag the last 2 years of that as I traveled alot. I decided to leave there to preserve my limited sanity.

    I then took a desk job as an administrator of a small operation that was administering the mental health benefit of a local commercial health plan. The firm was in startup mode when I was brought on really as a result of a friend of mine and an interview that went amazingly well. Soon after being hired I uncovered the fact that the application that was being bought by the firm was in fact a piece of vapor ware and was never going to be able to do what the firm needed. At this point we are 5 months away and we have no claims processing system in place. After another false start with a firm that went OOB 2 weeks after we inked a deal with them, the firm decided to write their own system and we plunged headlong into development of the bare minimum system that would do claims processing under the really crazy rule sets that were being imposed by the commercial insurer.

    That Application was written entirely in VB6 and it was my first exposure to a project of what I would call enterprise scale, Me and 3 other people wrote the application from the ground up and it worked. Right out of the gate. To this day I still dont have any idea how the hell we did it.

    After that firm was shut down for 'Political Reasons' read the commercial insurer became uncomfortable with our ability to show them where they were messing up. I went into a partnership with my curent co-workers at Tidgewell Associates, where we act as consultants and software developers for clients in need of the kinds of things we developed for the health plan. County Governments for example administering Medicare and medicaid payments for their members.

    ALong all of this I managed to go back to school to 'Get the Paper' but all I really got was my Wife and a big student loan. (I guess I made out on the deal)

    I live in Northern Rhode Island, with my wife Sally and our cat Toby, and dog Sara, where I pretty much eat, sleep and drink computers.

    Currently I work with VB.NET and C# with some Java, Perl, PHP, Python, C/C++, ASP, ASP.NET thrown in the mix for good measure

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    My bio.

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