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    Jeremy W

    Wow, bios. I love bios Wink

    To be honest, I've had an odd and rocky career (not as rocky as Jeff's though). I started out as a designer, in fact I helped do most of the JavaScript for MS's and IBM's site back in 94. I was all proud of myself, but thinking back on it now I can't believe I did some of that stuff.

    Ah well, the web was young and we were all foolish.

    I used to design TV ads, magazines, websites, you name it (inclding hospital kiosks and signage).

    Eventually I moved into programming. Websites, at first, but eventually into Lead Development on some really cool projects, which lead me to Microsoft. .NET, in fact, lead me to Microsoft. I'd never really had any 'love' or 'hate' towards Microsoft until .NET, it simply wasn't a company I'd had to deal with much.

    Eventually I got into some more senior roles doing project management, business development, program management, and found that's what I really loved doing. Really helping people's businesses and providing tools which make real people's lives easier has always made me smile, and made getting up for work easier.

    Sadly, I don't do that anymore. I moved away from my last job because I wasn't too keen on where the company was going, and landed in an even worse mess.

    At the same time I've been blogging. Love it. Addicted to it. I've gotten to 'know' (superficially of course) probably 30 Microsoft bloggers. It's thanks to these bloggers that I've realised that while I did have a fantastic job before it's not one of those "once in a lifetime" things. There are companies which provide fantastic environments where you get to help real people by solving real problems.

    To be honest I, unashamedly, am pursuing a job at Microsoft. Program Management or Technical / Developer Evangelist type stuff ideally. I'm not here at Channel 9 to milk a job, by any stretch, but I am hoping to continue confirming my belief that Microsoft is exactly the kind of company I want to work for.

    If it doesn't happen, no big deal. I'll keep blogging, keep playing games with MS folks and keep enjoying the thought provoking discussions. I prefer friendships which aren't based on needing something from someone Wink

    Oh, and, hopefully, keep hanging out here.