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    Time for the obligatory roll call thread.   I'll start, please tell us more about yourself.

    I'm Jeff Sandquist and one of the "5 Guys from Redmond".  I came to Microsoft almost seven years ago where I started as an Engineer supporting Active Server Pages 1.0 and Visual InterDev 1.0.

    After a great time in PSS I spent time in Visual Studio, MSDN,, Hailstorm Evangelism and landed a few years ago in Windows Evangelism.  It has been quite a ride.   I spend everyday thinking about how we can work together to build great software on Windows.   I love testing new applications.

    In my life prior to Microsoft I designed Mobile Homes, City Busses, did some Civil Engineering work.  Eventually starting a small ISV shop in the small prairie / farming community of Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Back in 1995 I fell in love with the NET and was hooked.  My family and I made the leap to come to Redmond.  

    Outside of work, I am a gadget freak, a frustrated gardener and husband to my wife and Dad to my two daughters.

    I'd love to learn more about you.