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    I'm Frank Carr. My educational background is in Political Science, not math, engineering or computers. I served in the Marines out of college, got hurt and got discharged early, went to graduate school, got hooked on PCs while doing statistical work for a state government agency and never looked back. Well, at least not until about 2 years ago when I was out of work for about a year.

    I've been a Microsoft MVP for Visual Basic since 1994. I've used every version of VB since VB1 and before that I did mostly DOS based programming in QuickBasic, MASM, and C/C++ and before that I did tech support and inside sales work. This year marks my 20th year working in the computer industry. Right now I'm working for a health insurance cost containment company helping them build web sites, writing COM+ objects and SQL Server stored procs and starting work toward transition to .NET (probably C# instead of VB).

    As for hobbies and other stuff, I play guitar, take care of my wife (she's partially disabled), play Yu-gi-oh cards with our 7 year old son, feed and clean up after our 5 cats and our blue and gold macaw (that's him in my avatar picture). My personal web site is at