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    I am a developer in the charlotte, north carolina area.  My uncle is a research scientist and made me interested in technology when I was an early teen.  I was fortunate enough to be accpeted into a program while in high school that allowed me to work towards my Novell certifications and start learning to code after school my junior and senior year at the local community college.

    I then went on to college, earned a MIS degree (UNCC, go 49ers) and am hoping to do a Masters in CS at some point soon.

    I started professionally with a local school system developing WAN components on Mac Technology.  I then moved to Lucent Technologies as a developer (C++, VB, ASP, Crystal).  I worked for a small ISP for a while and then moved into the racing industry.  I was a developer there for about 5 years.

    I then moved to American City Business Journals, where I am a C# developer working with windows apps and web apps using ASP.NET.  It is a great location to work that is really willing to push the envelope and try new stuff.

    I also speak at UNCC periodically and have started assisting a smaller university with plans for their CIS program, as well as speak with High school students locally about development and career opportunities in our field.  I am involved in a number of world missions projects in to Central American and Africa through my local church and enjoy trying to help people who have not had the same opportunities I have.

    I am a big fan of the .NET framework, Microsoft as a whole and the development community as a whole.  I think there is a place for all different types of developers (open-source and otherwise also) and can't wait to see what innovation occurs in the future.