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    My name is MrFile. I am based out of NYC and have lived here most of my life. (Originally from the Ukraine).

    I have been coding right out of high school (never went to college, though ill probably go sometime in the next few years just to help advance my career in the future)

    My first language was QBasic and VBDOS in high school. Once out, i started working with VB6, SQL Server 2000, and ASP 3.0. I did a lot of web development work in my early career.

    Now i work in a small but growing company doing ASP.NET, C#, and installation using InstallShield. I am also studying to become an MCSD and trying to learn the formal development process finally being put in place at my company by some very experienced new comers.

    As you guys can see i have been an all around Microsoft guy, but it has worked out well for me. While i do not hate the other side of the world, i just have never had a chance to work with it (except the small amounts of PHP/Perl i wound up doing for one client)

    I found C9 in my search for more resources to learn from, and the videos on here are great.

    In my spare time i love driving my car (big car guy) and volunteering my time with the NYPD Auxiliary Police, trying to make this world a better and safer place for everyone on my community. I also have a loving girlfriend who is just great and supportive of my professional career.

    One day i hope to be a strong engineer and be one of those cool guys on stage at conferences Smiley